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Robert Fowlkes: Right For The job

Different jobs have different requirements and level of skills that need to be obtained. That is why we have training and jobs seek people who have experience in areas they need. Our military are highly trained individuals who know what to do in the complete chaos of a field of battle. They as well as law enforcement officers just like regular jobs, require the right man for the job of supplying them with their equipment for field work. A man that definitely can be considered up to the task and right for the job is Robert Fowlkes.

Robert Fowlkes is a St. louis Missouri man that has developed a lifetime of experiences seemingly to prepare him for this perfect job. That job being to supply the gear and supplies for several different types of armed forces and policemen. He is the Business Development Manager for the company Eagle Industries unlimited which specializes in tactical gear that is considered to be durable, efficient, and capable. He has held this position since 2008 and is in charge of deciding what items are present for purchase and use. He also does demonstrations that train and promote the products and their uses to potential customers. The company makes sells all over the country and Ronald is responsible for it.

Ronald Fowlkes experience is what make him so good for this job. He relates to what soldiers and officer and even security guards go through and need in the line of duty. He was a member of the marine corps for four years himself and is a Gulf War veteran. He was trained in the Marine Corps school of infantry and is well versed in marine combat tactics. Additionally, he served on a multitude of police forces in his day including the St. Louis Metropolitan and County police departments. This hockey loving former soldier thrives in the job of gear management. The company Eagle Industries uphold excellence as their standard and Ronald Fowlkes is a part of that standard. Their supplies are well-known and trusted to this day. Ronald Fowlkes is indeed the right man for the job.


Chris Burch: New York Citys Relationship with Business people

Chris Burch is an American businessman who recently launched his website, called medium.com, and a lot of articles related to business can be found there. One of the latest articles published on the website talks about how business people could set up their companies in New York City. Chris Burch claimed that it is indeed difficult starting a business in New York City, but it is not impossible. There are many factors that business people should look at if they decided to settle in New York City and doing business for a living. He has pointed out four major factors to consider in starting up a business in the Big Apple – never be afraid with things that you don’t know, put inside your mind that you are a freshman, looking up for balance, and making smart decisions.

The first pointer talks about the weakness of the majority of business people in New York City. People are afraid to start their business because they do not know how it will end. It is not a good trait to become afraid if nothing has started. For Chris Burch, it is important to consider that there should be a considerable amount of courage for an individual before they consider opening up a business.  For more views from Burch, check entrepreneur.com.

New York City is a huge place, and many people are living in the city coming from different races and beliefs. Focusing on what you can do is the best thing to do initially when dealing with a New York-based business. Next would be remembering that you are still starting, and there is a lot of excuses that can be generated from this simple fact. This pointer calls out people who are being too serious about life that they have already felt depression whenever their business in New York City fails.

Another pointer that Chris Burch shared is that New York City is a vibrant place and not all businesses would thrive. However, what never thrived in New York City could grow somewhere else, so the best thing to do still is to open up your horizons and look for the opportunities around the world.

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Sujit Choudhry Has Published A Book Discussing The Disintegraction Of Democracy

Professor Sujit Choudhry has an international reputation as a scholar. His research encompasses politics and comparative constitutional law. This includes constitutional design, decentralization and succession, federalism, transitional justice, semi-presidentialism, official language policy, the bills of rights and the constitution building processes. He has published a book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis focused on Eric Holder’s tweet. Holder suggested that if Robert Mueller were terminated it would be an absolute red line and be followed by peaceful demonstrations. He additionally tweeted the American people must be heard and seen to be determinative.

Choudhry interpreted the term red line as a constitutional boundary and believes Holder left the American people to decide if authority has been abused by the officials. He also believes Holder insinuated the American people’s reaction would determine the way the issue was resolved. He said the tweet referred to constitutional self-enforcement utilizing the concept of governments revolving around the behavior of the public authority. He stated if these constitutional rules are violated it does not warrant being labeled by the court. He was surprised the chief law enforcement officer of the nation would attempt to obliterate Mueller’s authority.

Sujit Choudhry wrote when red lines are used in a specific way it is an example of democratic failure. He said if term limits are disregarded it is an example of a self-coup to extend the power of those elected. He believes this seizure of power is unconstitutional. He has written about the political climate, the deterioration of constitutional democracy and the threat to democracy. Sujit Choudhry spoke of the threats faced by the constitutional democracy in Poland. He covered the new rules, voting, constitution of panels and assignment of judges. He stated this is what guided the Polish government in a direction considered favorable.

There are in excess of ninety book chapters, articles, reports and working papers cited in Sujit Choudhry’s publication (works.bepress.com). This includes The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitution Making and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies. Sujit Choudhry is currently an executive or honorary member of numerous prestigious committees and boards.

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PSI Pay offers playful ways to pay.

I love to look at rings. Rings are fun and they can even be considered sophisticated. I like to wear different color rings when I’m wearing different outfits. I have never thought about wearing a ring to pay for my purchases. I believe these two companies have proved that capitalism and thoughtfulness can be a marriage engineered to last. I am so grateful for Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay they have used their imaginations to go way beyond our perception of jewelry and practicality. They have extended themselves to improve our lives in general to make everyday nuances a little easier for us

Kerv Wearables was founded by Phil Campbell and was recognized as a company based out of the United Kingdom. PSI-Pay is a company based out of Finland that provides alternative methods for financial administration and management. Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay originally produced limited quantities of these amazing rings for four months during 2016. Now the rings are considerably main streamed and are available practically everywhere. There are fourteen different color schemes to choose from. This means that you can order a different color ring for various outfits. The rings are super durable too! Kerv Wearables used cutting edge technology and zirconia ceramic to construct the rings. This material has been tested for durability. It’s waterproof material is designed to resist scratching and breakage. The ring’s smooth outer surface is harder than titanium, silver or steel.

Phil Davies is currently the facilitating Director of PSI-Pay Limited. Phil spent eight years working with MasterCard Worldwide as the company’s Vice President of Business Development before moving to PSI pay. His responsibility was also to work with new technology, collaborate with companies and individuals to increase growth in new markets throughout Europe.

Phil Davies is very well-rounded with a plethora of knowledge about various Financial payment cultures as they relate to various societies. Phil has voiced his observations about the utilization of the American wallet or electronic commerce that is prevalent in the United States. He indicates that the American Wallet does have differences compared to the European Wallet. For example: it has the ability to offer overdraft with E- Currency. He also mentions that there are quite a few companies that sell the technology.

Phil Davies also states that the wallet or electronic commerce in Europe has to cater to many different cultures therefore he is indicating that it is a bit more diverse. Both the American and European Wallets incorporate a stored value element. Another difference that Phil noted was that the European wallet includes multi-currency capability. Also E-Money or E-Commerce accounts are not allowed to offer credit so no overdrafting is possible.

Phil Davies was making a comparison about electronic cards that are assigned for your bank account which allows you the ability to overdraw versus the other card accounts or wallets that are simply the consumer paying for electronic funds. Phil Davies would like more people to be aware that there are differences between Wallets and Digital Accounts.

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Sean Penn’s acclaimed Book Release, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has had extensive exposure in acting in various theater occasions and film production projects. He is a talented writer, producer, and key director besides others in the Best Actor Academy Awards. His work has been published capturing various pieces. Sean has been interviewed on various platforms and various contents. From acting, Sean Penn enters into the world of establishing himself a novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The novel captures a septic tank sales person and a contract killer hence drawing comparisons to the satirists on the yore. This current production from Sean is provoking one not to give up on some day jobs.


In an interview, Sean Penn says that he is currently in Los Angeles, California. For Sean, it is all a brand new experience and a great feeling to have a book under his work compared to the normal film work he has been into for many times. He is proud of the work and reveals that it is a good thing to work in collaboration with other people in the industry. For Sean, writing a book instead of a screenplay is the main reason why he would have wanted to own the work entirely by himself or the need to tell out something through the story. Sean Penn says that it was time for him to disclose that he was not enjoying well playing with others and that kept bothering his mind. He was in search of freedom in creativity and finances. Sean was at the point in life and career where he had been fed up with the burdens of peoples’ personalities and the expectations. Included is a summary of Bob Honey who just do stuff. With writing and publishing a book on your own, it means only working with the publisher and determinant factors of having the work done is between the two of you. Sean Penn says that apart from this release, there are many more others that are being manufactured and will be released into the market. Sean revealed that he does not intend to work on a movie project as at now, but he is currently directing a movie though it is still under considerations. He does not have interests to make films because he wants his time to be focused on writing books, which means it may require his creative energy and thinking.

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How Peter Briger Has Succeeded At Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a multinational investment manager. It was one of the biggest alternative asset managers in the world with about $43.6 billion in assets under management. This firm was founded in 1998 in New York City. One its top executives is Peter Briger who is a principal of this firm as well as the co-chairman of its board of directors. He is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania.Peter Briger works at Fortress Investment Group’s San Francisco, California, offices. He was elected to this company’s board in 2009 and has been with it since 2002. His main role at Fortress Investment Group is to operate its credit fund and real estate sides of the company. Prior to working at this firm he had worked for Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., for 15 years.

Throughout his career his primary specialty in the financial industry has been buying distressed debt. While he had worked at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger had co-developed their Special Situations Group. This group, which was founded in 1997, has often been named as the main source of Goldman Sach’s revenues and profits since that time. When Peter Briger had worked at Goldman Sachs he handled a lot of distressed debt from around the world. This is debt that nobody else wants to buy but which he sees as a great opportunity since he can often buy it for pennies on the pound.

Among the debt he had bought there was a South Korean alcoholic beverages firm, a power plant in the United Kingdom, and a commercial aircraft company based in South Korea. He says that after the financial recession hit he found a lot of great opportunities. He says that banks and governments had to sell off anything they perceived as a risk of default which he was more than happy to scoop up for Fortress Investment Group.Peter Briger is a philanthropist who has helped a number of San Francisco-based charities. Among these is Tipping Point for which he serves on its board of directors. This nonprofit provides services to low-income families. He is also on the board of Caliber Schools which runs a number of charter schools. Additionally, he has a leadership position for the Global Fund for Children which helps impoverished children around the world which supports the rights of children and helps those in poverty.

Chris Burch Explains Why Mistakes Are the Impetus for Great Business

Nihiwatu was named by early settlers, referring to its isolated rock. Chris Burch burst onto the entrepreneurship platform with his investment in Nihiwatu Resort in 2012, and whose original name remains NihiSumba. He has interest in numerous other startups that have brought the world of investment to a standstill; not because they have failed it; rather, they have taught it to think differently. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has used the company to front his investment values. Chris is the true living example of an investor inclined to use the aspect of a surprise to turn new markets to live. He is the brains behind a great number of businesses that have positively impacted consumers in ways that were never imagined.

The Tale Of Nihiwatu and The Tourist Accolades

Nihiwatu refers to Nihi sumba. The investor, Chris Burch uses the name Nihi sumba to return the name of the beach resort to its original significance. The Sumba people are the original inhabitants of the historic island where Nihiwatu Resort is located. Nihi sumba is an island with a long history of adventure and mystery. The Marapu are known to be Sumba’s ancestors. They arrived on the secluded beach scores of years in the past. There have been various narratives that attempt to explain the conquests of the Marapu. Nevertheless, the strong indomitable spirit of the Marapu people has maintained its existence on the minds of the island people. Nihiwatu Resort is worth a mention in every investment forum because; it is located at a place that holds one of the world’s strongest reasons for tourist interest and curiosity. The story of the Sumba people has been carried through the generations to the present time (http://nihi.com/our-story/).

It will be remembered that it is Nihiwatu Resort that attracted the attention of the 1998 visit by Petra Graves searching for the perfect wave. Indeed, it may be argued that if Petra Graves had not graced the beach, perhaps, the investor Chris Burch would never have known about the island. Nihiwatu was voted by leisure readers as the best hotel to have been built in the world, across the categories; running from 2016 to date.

About Chris Burch

He has over forty years experience in investment ventures and entrepreneurship. He is also credited with the building of over 50 companies that have stood their ground, even in challenging economic times (bjtonline.com). Chris Burch, whose full name is actually Christopher Burch applies intuitiveness in dealing with the behavior of consumers and also uses the advantages of direct sourcing to positively impact businesses and to relate and link innovation and creativity to the real impact in business. Nihiwatu is one of the most recent introductions and startup companies initiated by Chris Burch.

OSI Group Equals Foodservice Excellence

The foodservice industry brings in billions and billions of dollars on an annual basis. This exclusive field of work offers a wide variety pf services, and it serves a huge geographical location. The Aurora-based OSI Group is the hands-down winner for foodservice excellence thanks to its beneficial attributes. The magnitude of this company’s services can be felt on a global scale. OSI Group is no longer a company in a sense, it’s an enterprise. In the United States along, this company has factories in Utah, in Illinois, in California and in Iowa. It’s also one of the biggest privately held companies in the country.

OSI Group has increased economic-growth all across China. It has numerous state-of-the-art facilities that cost well into the millions, and it is one of China’s largest producers of processed chicken. When it comes to worldwide facilities of the foodservice industry, OSI Group once again dominates. It has an abundance of innovative facilities in Ukraine, in Hungary, in Germany, in Brazil, in Germany, in Australia, in Austria, in Japan and in Poland. The company’s reach is rather outstanding, especially when it’s being compared to other food providers. CEO Sheldon Lavin has solidified the company’s infrastructure, and he has taken OSI to the highest of levels. In additional to that, Lavin was honored with the Visionary Globe Award just a few years ago. This award is all about personifying your dreams into a reality.

For any clients who are interested in creating a custom-food product, OSI Group can definitely help you with the cause. This phenomenal company has highly educated staff members that work in its many test kitchens as well as work in its many innovation centers. This is real-world food knowledge at its finest and everything is produced under strict safety standards. OSI Group is surely the present and is the future of the foodservice industry, and it’s changing the current status quo.

Learn More: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03083661

Chris Burch Has Created A Luxurious Paradise In Nihiwatu

The name Chris Burch is often associated with Burch Creative Capital. He is a well-known entrepreneur and has been making successful investments for almost forty years. His contributions have aided in the growth and success of numerous luxury and technology brands. Chris Burch has also been involved in real estate including developing luxury homes (architecturaldigest.com). Perhaps his most renowned venture has been the acquisition and renovation of Nihiwatu. This luxury resort is located on the exquisite Indonesian island known as Sumba.

Burch established the perfect mixture of comfort, luxury and pleasure without going over the top. The atmosphere is casual, shoes are not required, friendships are form and dreams are realized. The island of Sumba is unique with just one resort and 650,000 residents. The culture has remained traditional with thatched roofs, gorgeous ikat textiles and dowry’s. The story began when Chris Burch visited the island in 2012. The resort was once a retreat for surfers and he has transformed it into an exotic paradise.

Chris Burch had a mission to make Nihiwatu one of the best resorts the world had ever seen. He wanted the resort to operate in harmony with the Sumbanese people and the environment. He has succeeded beautifully. Surfers still come to Nihiwatu but now the resort offers so much more. Yoga is taught on the deck most every evening and morning, the equestrian program is sensational, there is a cool club for the kids and real beans have started to grow in the cocoa bean outpost.

The valley of Nihi Oka is nearby and offers a spa in breathtaking surroundings. The guests hike through the villages and rice paddies or ride a jeep and usually spend the day. The open-air bales offer treatments, lounging, breakfast and lunch. Many guests remain overnight in a lovely air-conditioned villa designed for comfort. Chris Burch designed the resort with a small footprint, a lot of luxury and ensured Sumba retains the charm of the community.

The 32 villas are serviced by a staff of 400. They are caring, thoughtful and curious about the lives of the guests. Most of the staff are natives to the island with a notable exception. Ben McRae is an Australian chef preparing exquisite meals from the local produce and fish. The guests delight in the food to the sounds of crashing waves and amazing views of the seas and stars. The experience is completed by the infinity pool, guided hikes, visits to the village and treks to the waterfalls.

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Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba Indonesia

Chris Burch and his wife, Tory are billionaires who recently invested in a surfing hostel on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. They turned it into a luxury villa community called Nihiwatu Resort. The villas are thatched roof teak and rattan get-aways built in traditional Sumbanese style. The beautiful natural private surroundings of the villas amongst coconut palms, overlooking the Indian Ocean are taken to a new level of luxury when you add the high quality amenities delivered by the resort’s staff (thenewsversion.com).

The Nihiwatu Resort draws the type of clientele that grace the more exclusive parts of Paris, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Milan in Italy and New York City. Millionaire guests like Pink, the Hermes Family and William Van Cutsem have flocked to the resort for the relaxation, the luxury treatment and the excellent surfing. The resort takes in a lot of money, enough to help out the otherwise impoverished Tribal community of Sumba.

Sumba is plagued by poverty, famine, and disease. Malaria is a very big problem on the island. Because, the rainy season is very short, the tribesmen cannot grow enough food to adequately feed their families. The Nihiwatu Resort contributes a large part of their profit to a foundation that devotes aid to the locals. Over the last 13 years, the foundation has helped build wells for fresh water, clinics, primary schools and reduced the instances of malaria by up to 85%.

The Sumbanese locals make up 90% of the employees at the Resort. It’s the Burch’s goal to eliminate any instances of malaria in eight years after an investment of another $5 million. It’s an uphill battle, which Chris Burch is expert at facing down and overcoming having built Nihiwatu on an island with no infrastructure. They had no electricity in the beginning. They built their own power plants and they have to grow 90% of their fruits and vegetables on the island.

Even after building everything from scratch, Nihiwatu is so beautiful, Burch invested in another property on fifteen minutes away. He intends to build another resort there. The surrounding at Nihiwatu are made beautiful by the appearance of blossoming bougainvillea, private verandas and the wild untamed grounds that give way to the vistas of the Indian Ocean. Nihiwatu’s guests feel tucked away in their private world where they can relax and partake of nature and the peace and quiet that comes with a real get-away.

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