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Brazil’s Talented Authors

Brazil has many wonders to offer, from it’s exotic jungles to the colorful festivities, that never cease to amaze. But how can we enjoy these wonders when one is not able to just jump in a car and travel there you may ask, reading. Brazil has many talented authors that have shared not only their culture but also inviting and intriguing stories that fill the mind with imagery that is beyond compare. The authors minds and words lead one to a place that is brought to life.

According to Segs, one such author that offers writing worth reading is Jaime Garcia Dias. His writings help those all around the world by offering practical techniques and advice to assist in everyday life. Writing articles such as knowing how to rent your home to describing the beauties of Campos Do Jordan, his words fill the page and the mind as he intrigues the reader and allows the reader to walk away with useful information. His writing style has created an abundant crowd following for himself as he is sure to find the facts and provide relevant information that is accurate to the location. He continues to write and has various articles that will help the everyday reader find a plethora of information.

Another popular author is Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. His background in theater has helped me write in a way that the audience can picture the words as if they were but a prop or a background in a play, creating a picture that sucks in the reader. His book became one of the most best selling Brazilian books of all time.

Another great author, known as one of the most brilliant authors of Brazil, is João Guimarães Rosa. A self-taught person of many areas, including language, he used his experiences and location where he lived as an inspiration for many of his stories. He wrote many books and one book was even compared to being the “Ulysses” of Brazil.

There are many more authors, which Brazil has to offer, their stories inspiring, intriguing, and mesmerizing. To name all would be overwhelming; however, researching these artists is the first place to start. One will not struggle to find a Brazilian author as there are many talented and intelligent authors from the past, present and still more that have yet to be born. Reading is the gateway to learning and learning from others is the best way to learn.

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