Hometown Journey

The New Puppy

After the ride home with a new puppy is successful, it is time to make it through the first week. However, it is important for you to forget about yourself for a while. Owning a new puppy is so exhilarating that this may be hard, but the puppy will suffer some separation anxiety from being away from a place with littermates and possibly other dogs and people. Everything will be new including you and their feeding regimen. This will be traumatic for the puppy, but it can be made easier for both of you. There is an old methodology for this part of house-breaking the new puppy, but it requires traumatizing you and your puppy much more than necessary in my opinion. This arcane method suggests leaving the puppy alone to self-adjust to their new surroundings for three to four days. This may work, but the repercussions for that puppy in these days make me as a trainer wary.

I suggest using this time to immediately start socializing the puppy, and my kids and I feel better about not leaving the puppy alone for this period. Actually, I feel the new puppy should not be left alone at all ever, but especially during this time. Alone time for the puppy is the bathroom, feeding and sleep time only this early on. In horses, we socialize early according to the whispering technique also. It just works better to show as much love and socialize them with kids and other household things that may be scary with their new surroundings. The puppies understand real simply that you are their new pack, and instead of missing their litter, they understand that you fulfill their needs both physically and mentally. However, feeding presents its own set of problems throughout this first week. Beyond how much and when, it is also important that the brand provides superior nutrition. It is not easy to discern which brand to utilize at this point because of the massive amount of brands on the market, and their proposed promises.

I grew up on a ranch, and the Purina brand is all that we had ever utilized in feeding any of our animals including dogs. I also learned not to change from things that work. In our business, we understand the importance of good nutrition. I still use a Purina products in my breeding program for every facet of my dog’s life. It is especially effective in feeding our puppies after they are weaned. The brand is Beneful, and we use it when we transition our puppies especially. The wet brand has specific dietary properties that suits puppies that are accustomed to their mother’s rich milk. We then transition them into really any brand of Beneful that they like. Most of my older male dogs are fed Beneful’s dry brands mostly. It is funny because they are the most finicky. I have seen them bury other dry foods instead of eating them when we are away from the kennel.