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Getting A Clean Home With Handy

Cleaning our homes is important to ensure a healthy environment that is safe to live in. The problem is that the task of cleaning can consume many hours and a lot of money. Knowing which cleaners are the best ones to use and which ones to avoid can take a lot of time to research and decide. It sure would be nice to be able to hire someone to do it for us.

Hiring people to do the work can be difficult in and of itself. There are so many different companies that can be used. Are the people who do the cleaning people ho can be trusted? Will they show up when they are needed? Will you be over charged? These are all issues in using local cleaning services.

There is a solution to these many issues. Handy on apple is an uber based company that will do the background checks and assure that you get the services you pay for. Operating in 13 cities presently and in the works to open more locations based on the success they have had. The best part is that getting the services needed is as simple as using a basic smartphone app.

Download the app Handy and then type in the zip code for where the services are needed. Then you will be asked to type in the job or rooms that need attention. Specify date and time and a quote is automatically generated. All privately with no obligation to accept it.

If the quote is one that you can live with, then hit accept. The app will then take your information. The app will also charge your card, including fees and tips. There is also o need to worry about the people who show up for the job. Many apply to Handy but only 3% of the applicants are accepted.

Handy is a whole new way to get your house cleaned. They screen the people. They provide everything that is needed to get the job done. They take the liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Handy has been providing thousands of jobs in the workforce that have allowed many people to get that viable paycheck they need to pay bills and establish good credit.

Founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, Handy has seen exponential growth every month for the past three months. Positioned to continue to grow Handy is gainng speed and changing the way people work and get their homes cleaned. Handy can also provide plumbing services and handy man services to those who need them.

Why stress over getting your home clean? A simple tap on a tablet, phone, or portable computing device will get you a clean home and it will be at a price that you can afford.