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OrganoGold Is Capturing the Attention of Coffee Lovers in Turkey

PR Newswire reports that OrganoGold has expanded it’s service to Turkey. The coffee manufacturer is hardly new to international sales. This marks the 39th country in which OrganoGold’s CEO, Bernardo Chua, has overseen the opening of a new market. But while it might have a high number, it also comes with a huge sense of significance.

Part of this significance comes from the fact that it will help serve as a bridge between several different markets. It’s expected that the operations in Turkey will help to facilitate work between the Asian, European and African operations for the company. But the significance of Turkey goes far beyond the basic mechanics of a successful business. Turkey is often looked at as the birthplace of coffee culture. In fact, the first record of a coffee house dates back to a historical account of a 15th century establishment within Turkey. When coffee catches the eye of people in Turkey it’s on the same level as wine gaining special notice in France. Turkey is filled with people who take their coffee very seriously. The combination of historical context and educated palettes means that a coffee needs to be something special to catch on in Turkey.

Facebook shows company CEO Bernardo Chua also puts a lot of credit for the expansion to the fact that many people in Turkey place importance on health and an active lifestyle. OrganoGold’s brand of coffee makes use of the Ganoderma mushroom. And while the Ganoderma mushroom has many positive health effects attributed to it, one thing has become obvious. People who love coffee and love being active have also come to love OrganoGold’s line of coffee.

Bernardo Chua has a long history of bringing this healthy beverage to the world. He’s done so well and for so long that he’s received official recognition in the form of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. He’s focused not only on the success of OrganoGold, but also in helping a wide variety of people from all over the world make a career for themselves within the company.