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Wikipedia Editing Guide for Beginners

It isn’t hard to turn yourself into a constant user of the open source online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Wikipedia service has been a bastion for up to date information for the better part of the last 15 years and you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere more accessible and easy to use. With over four million pages of data, hundreds of thousands of contributors, and the demand to keep the website up to date constantly — there is reason to be impressed by the work going on. Long time users of the Wikipedia end up becoming contributors and for those that decide to start chipping in, here are a few basic ways to help get ahead of the pack.

Understanding the Basics.
Wikipedia is powered by software called MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the open source engine that allows users from all over the globe to actually get involved and contribute. Fortunately MediaWiki is designed in such a way that it is fairly easy to get used to the core functions of the editor dashboard. We’ll look at a common edit that contributors take care of in order for new editors to get familiar with the functions.

The Minor Correction
Browsing just about any page on Wikipedia will possibly yield up a need for a minor editing correction. This correction could be in demand due to a typo, a misplaced piece of punctuation, or a bit of Wikipedia vandalism. No matter what this small problem is, the core of how an editor will adjust it is the same. On the page that the error is found editors will click the ‘edit’ button in the corner of the page. From there they will see a blank white box that denotes the editable area, it will soon fill up with text. Find the issue that needs correcting and do so. Below the editing area check the ‘minor edit’ button and list a quick recap as to why the edit was made. Click submit and the job is done.

The Neutral Point of View.
Wikipedia is powered not only by the MediaWiki software, but by the selflessness of the countless editors who are at work on the website. These editors gave up on the idea of putting their own personal bias into the website. New editors must remember to avoid creating pages where their neutrality might be impaired. If an editor DOES want to post a personal page, hiring a company like Get Your Wiki to do the job would be suggested. Get Your Wiki will create pages that adhere to Wikipedia standards.