Hometown Journey

The Great Achievements by Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias can be said to have pioneered the literature field in Brazil. He has authored over 20 books in fabrication, and this has earned him so many honors. His latest award was the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize. At the age 45, Jaime still has more years of productivity in his career. The fact is, many writers have continued in their writing career until when they are in their eighties.

Jaime was born to well-educated parents in Rio de Janiero. His father Arnaldo Dias was a writer, and his mother Garcia Dulce Dias was a renowned architect. His career started when he was very young. He developed the interest in literature and authored his 1st book at the age of fifteen. His desire in writing has always improved. Jaime highly recognizes his father for springing up interest in the profession.

Apart from his notable literature career, Jaime has a vocation in education. He went to the Carioca Literature Academy where he taught for 5 years. The Academy acted like preparation institution for students who wanted to pursue a career in literature beyond their high school education. Today, Jaime is the president of the school where he taught. His much credit is to the people who have helped him get where he is today. Although there are other recognized writers in Brazil, Jaime is one of the present leaders in the literature field in Brazil.

When he began writing, Jaime had not imagined he would ever be recognized the way he is today. His situation changed in 2001 when he was awarded the White Crane Award. This time, he confirmed he was the writer his father ever wanted. When he began teaching, a great sense of worth evolved in him. He relied on the positive feeling in writing, and today it has already rewarded him. He introduced new skills in writing at the Academy, and these skills have completely changed the institution. As a result, he was appointed Vice-President at the Academy due to his contributions.

Jaime served as the Vice-President of the Academy for 10 years before becoming the President in 2007. By this point in time, the school was recognized for facilitating authors discover their position. As the President, Jaime declared that Carioca Literature Academy would embark on journalistic literature.

Jaime rewarded his father in 2013 by making a publication of childhood stories in the Jornal do Brazil. These stories are on Jaime and his father.