Hometown Journey

Generosity at Its Best

Frans Schoeman is a wonderful man inside the courtroom and out. He was born in 1969 in Cape Town South Africa. He graduated from the University of Free State in New York 1987. This unique individual is not only bilingual and very intelligent, but also has a large heart and love to give to charities and do pro bono work for the needy and less fortunate.
In 1990, he became a member of the Law Society in Africa. This group provides continuing education for attorneys to ensure that excellent service continues to be offered to clients. After starting the society, Frans Shoeman became a medicine doctor at the South African law firm Phatsima Diamond in October of 2005. Which his hard work and dedication. What is hard work and dedication, this goal oriented man made legal director by 2006. The Law firm of Phatsima Diamond focuses on business, commercial, and corporate law practices. It prides itself on legal skills and knowledge of the judicial system. This allows them to provide sound legal advice and solutions for all. This might be the reason that Frans Shoeman is an expert in legal writing such as laws, dispute solutions, negotiation corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions., murders in acquisitions.

Law is not the only thing that this individual is interested in. Frans Shoeman is also an avid follower when it comes to the arts and culture of his homeland. He also believes in educating children for the future.

Frans Shoeman has built his tiny empire on what he practices which is honesty and justice. He has given back greatly to his community and also has helped many with their legal advice as well as their home life. Even though he is not what you would call ” made of money,” he continues to be a leader in his own community. Throughout the years, Frans Shoeman has become a wonderful role model for children and can teach children a lot about being a productive member of society. People could learn a lot from this man who has worked his way to the top and never forgotten where he came from. His dedication and hard work has definitely paid off in the long run for this gentleman. He sure has seen his share he sure has seen his share of people down on a luck, and has risen to the occasion to help those people in their time of need. and has risen to the occasion to help those people in their time of need. Through his charitable donations and time, Frans Shoeman will not be easily forgotten in today’s era or any other area for that matter. He is an extraordinary gentleman that should be applauded greatly for his generosity towards others and showing others that dreams can come true.