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Can I make my own autobiographical Wiki page?

Image-oriented individuals believing they have indelible achievements to make business Wiki pages may have the understandable inquiry: “Can I make my own autobiographical Wiki page?” The short is no, the longer answer is there is definitely a process in place to incrementally achieve a page if you so desire. Frankly, not only is writing your own Wikipedia page ethically questionable, it is almost a certain way to speedy deletion.


Wikipedia has relatively straightforward premise with regards to individuals writing their own Wikipedia: simply do not do it. Having a Wikipedia page in your name is not necessarily a feat to have pride in, because editing a profile in your name is a conflict of interest. A third-party may edit and verify facts written on a Wikipedia page, and help hone and keep the Wikipedia page up to date with relevant information. Although editing Wikipedia for a typo does not have a large learning curve, creating a brand new Wikipedia page for a notable individual is considerably more challenging and subject to closer scrutiny. Moreover, it is possible newly registered editors are at a disadvantage for new article creation because it tends to be a democratic process if the new entry is even remotely controversial.

There are third party providers out there to make a business Wiki pages. Get Your Wiki helps maintain an individual’s Wiki in a particularly close-knit community of editors, advocate for neutral points of view and timely structural improvements or templates for a new article. Get Your Wiki’s process is three-fold: a guaranteed Wikipedia page or a refund, ensuring edits that improve upon Wikipedia’s encyclopedic goal with an individualized content leader and geolocated language services.


Here’s what third party service can’t do: make you notable if you do not have notability. Notability is a strict guideline with frequent debate upon a new page creation. As a good general rule, a notable person has several robust sources explaining in detail the person’s accomplishment, think more New York Times feature than a viral swell. As such, Wikipedia sometimes lags behind current memes and internet celebrities eventually picked up by the mainstream.