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Finances in Human Resource Management

Finances are important in human resource management and thanks to finance experts such as Brian Bonar, you can manage the finances of your department. Brian Bonar is a finance executive who is the CEO of Trucept Inc., Bonar started his career at IBM as a procurement manager and then became the director of engineering at QMS. He focuses mainly on mergers and acquisitions but he is also involved in assisting human resource departments with managing their accounting practices and payroll more effectively. Trucept Inc largely exists for the purpose of improving the finances of human resource departments.

The Link Between Finances and Human Resource Management

Bruce Bonar’s career has been so successful because he understands the link between finances and human resource management. A common problem at companies is the fact that the finance department and human resource department are often at odds. The root of this is a lack of respect and understanding between the two departments, and there is no collaboration for the benefit of the company. One aspect of Brian Bonar’s job at Truecept is to ensure that the human resource department is able to financially compensate all employees in the right way.

Proper Access to Employee Health Insurance

Another aspect of Brian Bonar’s role at Truecept Inc is to help human resource departments have the financial stability required to afford health insurance benefits to employees. This is crucial for HR department now that new federal rules require that businesses with a certain amount of employees provide employer-based health insurance. When this happens, the employees are more willing to stay with their companies.

Brian’s Education Qualifies Him

Brian Bonar received his bachelors degree in technical engineering from James Watt College and he later earned a masters in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. Although engineering and technology are his educational backgrounds, Bonar successfully translated these fields into a finance career with an emphasis on human resource management. Technology plays an important role in human resource management and Brian Bonar’s technology expertise makes him qualified to run Trucept Inc.

Brian Bonar on Investing in Africa

Another aspect of human resource management is the ability to invest in global expansion opportunities where it can gain an international workforce. This means more profits for the company overall. Brian Bonar stated recently that it is a great time to invest in Africa because of the emerging markets there. He mentioned that the key is to figure out the underperforming industries and then look for ways that the company can strengthen them.

In conclusion, Brian Bonar knows a lot about human resource management’s need for proper financial stability and he accomplishes this goal each day at Trucept Inc.