Hometown Journey

What Eric Pulier Helped has Achieved at ServiceMesh

ServiceMesh is a subsidiary of the CSC and has its head offices in Falls Church, Virginia. It also has major offices across the world, and its 70,000 staff members serve its clients in over 70 countries.
What They Do

ServiceMesh is an international leader in the provision of next-generation IT solutions and services. Their mission is to help their clients gain superior returns on technology investments. They achieve this by applying best-in-class IT solutions, global scale, and domain expertise.

ServiceMesh Do Extraordinary Things

The tech giant helps to solve the most complex challenges and mission-critical tasks. The firm boasts of half a century of success. The parent company, CSC was started by two men who were seeking to realize their dream. From the time CSC was founded in April 1959, creativity has been the major driving force behind its success.

The ServiceMesh Management Team

Its senior management team boasts of an average of a quarter a century of international and domestic IT experience. It has a rich history of business, technological and academic achievements. Hundreds of firms in the world have unrivaled confidence in them.

Financial Achievements

It is through the efforts of Eric Pulier that CSC reported annual revenue of $11.7 billion for the financial year ended April 2015. Pulier happens to be the ServiceMesh Co-founder and formerly served as the Chairman and CEO of the entire firm. He was also the General Manager and Vice President of Cloud at the CSC Australia.

The highly experienced manager oversaw the creation of the Computer Sciences Corporation and delivery of cloud services that helped organizations to offer IT service from external and internal providers. That dramatically boosted productivity and consequently lowered operation cost.Mr. Pulier also served as the Secretary of the famous Santa Monica Media Corporation from June 2005 and worked as the Chief Technology Officer.Pulier founded the SOA Software in the year 1998.

He has previously served as the Chairman and CEO of the SOA Software between July 1995 and July 1998 and the Chief Technology Officer between July 1998 and May 1999. The high-flying entrepreneur has been a pioneer in the digital and software interactive sectors for more than two decades. Pulier is also renowned for co-founding the Interactive Video Technology in the year 1998 and Desktone.