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We are a Cloud Security Company with our location in San José in California. Our primary service is cloud service adoption. We maintain and ensure data security, compliance and control. Our platform is secure and provides comprehensive. We have cloud discovery, risk management data usage and protection services for our customers. Our platform also serves as a gateway to encrypt data in real-time before sending it into a cloud environment. Only an authorized user can code and retrieve the data. We locally store our data encryption keys, and we never allow the cloud provider to use the data. The data remains safe in our users’ site. Our technology is modern and well tested. We use data tokenization technology. This technology makes its possible to substitute data that insensitive with that which is non-sensitive. Our platform offers data loss and malware detection as well as monitoring many clouds environment.

We have presence in over 30 countries and more than six languages and have more than 10 `industries in our customer base. Our clients have a high cloud adaptation than others in the market due to our cloud information protection. Our team is of experienced and professional employees who understand the cloud and are dedicated to offering maximum protection to the customer’s data. Cloud is becoming a necessity in many business that use online services. It’s becoming a crucial tool in company’s affairs and remains competitive in the market. We as the data security expertise continue to advance new technology to protect our client’s highly sensitive data. We give our customers fewer reasons to worry about their data and allow them time to concentrate on other pressing issues in their business.

Our company is the market pioneer in offering data security solutions for cloud users. We, therefore, have the highest experience levels to enable our clients to overcome the risks of data privacy. Also to better results in your business, we take priority to providing data residency, security and regulatory compliance. We continually monitor your data to detect any malware, prevent data loss and detect anomalous cloud users’ activities.

Several other leading continue to put their trust on us for our several services and capabilities. They include banks, insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals among others. Our outstanding services have received numerous recognition awards. Our company won ten awards at the 11th info security global excellence awards. The impressive grand trophy winner went to our firm Our Company’s CEO, Mr. Pravin Kothari the CEO of the Year award in the 10th Security Global Excellence Awards. We also featured in the sc magazines excellence awards for our excellence information security. Besides, our company received the best emerging technology in information security award in 2013.