Hometown Journey

Sanjay Shah Leads Solo Capital To The Forefront Of The Industry.


Solo Capital, based in London, England, was founded in 2011 by Sanjay Shah and is a financial service company that deals at an international level. Within a relatively short time Solo Capital has made a pretty big name for itself in the market. Mainly focusing on consults, sports investments and proprietary trading, Solo Capital has earned and impressive net worth of over 15 million pounds as well as nearly 70 million pounds in total global assets within just 5 short years. Shah has turned Solo Capital into a major player based on companycheck-UK reports, and continues to push the company towards success.

Shah did not actually start off in the financial industry, but after realizing medicine was not the course he wanted to take, he pushed his way into accounting and investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. To get things rolling, acting CEO and founder, Sanjay Shah, started off working on investments alone. Starting with a small number of clients to begin expanding his business, he has since turned the company into a large enterprise. Sanjay, since gaining success, has also founded an organization that raises money and awareness for those with autism, known as Autism Rocks.

Solo Capital is managed by Aesa S.a.r.l., the corporation that is used to manage assets as well as all of Sanjay’s companies. While Solo Capital is at the center of the operation, there are over a dozen companies under the management of Aesa, and it continues to grow. Sanjay will continue to expand his business ventures worldwide, adding more companies to become part of the Solo Capital family.

As an exceptional businessman, Sanjay has manage to build an empire through consistent good decisions, and he is always finding and investing in good companies. Because of his unique management style, which focuses on customer service and the attention to detail, customers will always get the best services from from Sanjay’s companies.