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The Good, The False And The Silly Of Cruz Super PAC’s Latest Attack Ad

George Soros has been a hot topic in Wisconsin lately. The liberal hedge fund manager turned philanthropist and democratic financier has been the star of television commercials running for the past week in the badger state. The Trusted Leadership super PAC supporting Ted Cruz have been funding the advertisements that claim George Soros has been financing the super PAC of Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Some television stations in Wisconsin on http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/ have stopped playing the ad because the claims made in it are false, according to PolitiFact Ohio. Here’s why these ads were important, false and silly:

The Goal

The Ted Cruz super PAC associated John Kasich with George Soros because Soros is a world-famous financer of liberal causes. This election cycle he’s donated more than $7 million to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC and in years past he has donated money to super liberal causes such as MoveOn.org, which now supports Bernie Sanders for president. Tying Kasich to Soros could easily sink the campaign by making him appear liberal to conservative voters on Twitter.

Why It’s False

Political science professor Tom Sutton explains that the accusations are silly because super PAC donations are unlimited and out in the open. George Soros could simply infuse the Kasich campaign on http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2016/03/10/billionaire-smackdown-george-soros-funds-effort-to-stop-trump-mobilize-latinos/ with over $1 billion if he pleased, and there’s no need to hide it. But the ad falsely claims that he has made these donations through two former employees in an apparent attempt to hide the money trail.

Turns out that these former employees have been donating to conservative causes for years and have a long track record of it. These former employees disagree with her former employer George Soros on bloomberg politically even though the ad makes it sound like they’re all on the same side.

The advertisement also goes on to state that John Kasich has been complicit in receiving monies from George Soros. But again, according to political science professor Tom Sutton, John Kasich is prohibited by law from communicating with his super PAC thus unable to turn down any money donated to it from any source.

Why It’s Silly

Reports started popping up that George Soros had been funneling money to John Kasich just before the Ohio primary, which Kasich won. Ohio awards all delegates to the winner and this victory is helping to prevent Donald Trump from clinching the nomination before the Republican convention. Without clinching, it looks as if the convention will be contested and there is a rule that states that the nominee must have won 8 states during the primary season. If front runner Donald Trump is to be denied the nomination, the only other candidate available could be Ted Cruz and he has John Kasich to thank for that.