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Lime Crime Colorizing the Makeup Industry; Kylie Jenner Notices

Beautiful things happen when you can achieve the same results by using different or better products. Kylie Jenner recently discussed what she referred to as “dupes” for popular and expensive lipsticks that work just as well without breaking a budget or forcing somebody to try to find a certain product. The fashion icon gave a special mention to a lipstick produced by the unique line Lime Crime as well.

As a trick or dupe for Mary Jo K’s Lip Kit, Jenner recommended using Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte lipstick in its reddest red color, which is for sale on Amazon.com. Equipped with an edgy photo of vibrant red lips advertising Lime Crime‘s color, the caption read “True Love” as part of Lime Crime’s True Love set is now being sold individually. Fans of the line will surely be stocking up.

Lime Crime is an edgy, vibrant makeup line founded by Doe Deere, who personally runs the Lime Crime blog. Her inspiration being her own face and a desire to find outrageous colors that were unable to be found anywhere, Deere created Lime Crime for girls and boys who are just like her. Describing the makeup as being a means to express oneself unapologeticaly, the line offers original colors titled Cashmere and Utopia, and even Wicked and Black Velvet, all for sale on DollsKill and other fashion retailers.

Lime Crime has been colorizing shelves with lipsticks, glosses, and eyeshadow palettes for years. Regularly restocking and launching new products and shades, this line of makeup has played a great role in changing the makeup industry. A once nude and natural industry has changed, and people can obtain the means to experiment with unique colors in order to express themselves.  Follow Lime Crime on Twiter for news and updates.