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JustFab: The Fabulous Plus Size Store

Finally! A plus size store that listens to us plus size ladies, and actually wants to hear from us. They want to know what we are looking for in the perfect fitting plus size clothing and what fashion and styles we want them to make available for us. They are actually encouraging us to contribute ideas. Believe it or not, your opinion matters. Here is what they posted on their page:

“Tag us on your Insta selfies when you’re rocking your favorite styles, message us on Facebook and Twitter, and let us know: What are you loving? What could we do better? How can we make our Plus Collection the best around, and keep you looking fabulous 24/7? “
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Wow, so no more improper fitting clothes made for you by someone who has no idea what type of clothing and material feels comfortable on you. At this new store, JustFab, you are the center of everything and when you speak they listen. And when you wear their clothing not only do you know you look good in it, it makes you feels good and you also feel like a million bucks. They don’t just sell the clothing, they go all the way with the shoes! And the bag too! This online store is called “JustFab Plus.”

Based on many feedbacks after launching their new clothing line in 2015, what came to their attention is a big need for plus size clothing up to 3x. So is JustFab Plus getting this done?

1. The in-house team meticulously design every look. “Designer Leticia Banuelos shares, “My main objective is to make the person feel special and good about themselves when wearing our clothes. It must be flattering. Comfortable to wear, and fit well”

2. A fitting party is held at the office were plus size employees and customers are invited to try the sample clothes on and give feedback.

3. Once the final product is inventoried, it is put on the website and becomes available for the customers.

This new brand of clothing with just 35 pieces of garments available is working to increase their line.

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