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Venezuelan Patients Needlessly Die Because of Government Breakdown

The lack of antibiotics, basic IV solutions, food and water for patients has become a widespread problem. A widespread blackout swept over Barcelona, Venezuela and with no backup generators to rely on, the respirators in the maternity ward could not function. Doctors like Manuel Gonzalez tried for hours to manually pump air into the lungs of infants. By morning, three newborns had needlessly died. By the time the sun set, four more newborns died needlessly.
The crisis that a started as an economic crisis has turned into a national health emergency, and doctors see no end to the loss of life at this time. At this point, health care professionals cannot even estimate how many people have died due to this situation. Many people fear that this is the beginning of a complete collapse of the Venezuelan government.

The health care situation has become so desperate that doctors are instructing family members to purchase medications on the black market and bring them back to the hospital. The University of the Andes Hospital is suffering from a severe lack of water. They do not have enough to wash the blood off of the operating table between patients and doctors are forced to prep their hands with seltzer water before surgery. Every lifesaving surgery they perform puts the patient at risk for developing a deadly infection.

International Help Is Desperately Needed
Even though the Venezuelan government has blocked out the entire world, Aserne still reports on the citizens of this crumbling country are begging for aid from international governments. Medical supplies, medication, and basic necessities are need soon if the citizens are going to survive.