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Danilo Diaz Granados Holds an Extraordinary Party for Miami’s Affluent Men

According to an article published by the PRNewswire on July 19, 2016, Danilo Diaz Granados hosted another remarkable and lavish party for his affluent guests. The experience at the July party was characterized by land, air and sea activities, which allowed all the invited guests to connect with the luxurious lifestyle Miami has to offer.

The selected guests began the wonderful day with a scrumptious breakfast at the One Thousand Museum sales center, which was followed by an executive viewing of Biscayne area’s high-end building. Guests were later flown via a helicopter ride to the Palm Beach Race Track. At the racetrack, each individual got behind the wheel to enjoy the feel of riding on a racetrack.

They later attained a Dom Perignon hosted lunch at the River Yacht Club located on the Miami River. Dom Perignon champagne served as a significant part of the lunch. In a bid to end the day’s events, they took a sunset boat ride at the bay. Some of the sponsors who assisted in the successful organization of the day included Van Dutch Americas, One Thousand Museum, as well as Air Commander Aerospace.

Danilo Diaz Granados is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who has managed to rise from just an entrepreneurship and Economics graduate from Babson Colleges, which has a cemented reputation in entrepreneurship studies, to a prominent business mogul. Previously, he served as an Accounts Advisor for a large private equity firm based in Miami, Florida. His role revolved around researching about world-wide issues influencing equity investments including development of innovative startups, energy efficiency, and hedge funds. Later in 2015, he joined the Fireman Capital Partners as an Associate Partner.

Danilo prides himself as the owner of the Edge of Glory Films, a company that is devoted to making and distributing Hispanic-based content in the United States. He also commands respect in the luxury market through his Miami-based, Toys for Boys boutique, which caters to the needs of affluent clients. As so, it offers a broad range of exotic items ranging from watches, automobiles to art collections. Currently, he serves as a Movilway’s manager where he assists in making sure that all mobile payment clients are given satisfactory services.  For more, check out Danilo on social media like his Instagram.

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