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Bob Reina Pushes Talk Fusion To Help Charities

Bob Reina Has never been the sort of CEO to follow the traditional path taken by business leaders who came before him; instead, the Online marketing trail blazer has led Talk Fusion and those he works with on a path that allows them to help those in struggling communities as quickly and easily as possible. Along with the traditional donations made to charitable groups the man who has headed Talk Fusion since 2007 allows employees of the company the chance to open one account at the highest level for the charity of their choice.

Not only does Bob Reina look to help not for profit groups, he also uses the skills and programs of Talk Fusion to allow charities the opportunity to aid their Online position with access to video and Email marketing programs created by Talk Fusion. Reina believes the success he has achieved as a business leader should be replicated for all who wish to do so in the number of charitable groups using Talk Fusion programs free of charge; Reina’s company has a global reach spanning more than 140 companies around the world that have benefited from his Talk Fusion charity programs.

The former law enforcement officer has been working in direct sales for over 20 years and has impressed those around him with his need to create a new and exciting way of giving back on a regular basis. The associates Bob Reina brings into the Talk Fusion family tend to focus on how the financial and business success they find has changed their life, but Bob Reina instead likes to place his focus on how the business as a whole has made positive changes to the lives of those working with him. For Bob Reina the chance to help people and animals around the world has seen him provide donations to those affected by natural disasters and to those in need of long term assistance closer to his Tampa home.

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