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Lime Crime: Top Brand for Metallic Shades

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly searching for new favorite brands when it comes to makeup. When I first heard about Lime Crime it was actually on Instagram from a vlogger. She was showing off her new color of Metallic Velvetines and I was in awe. She lined her lips with a darker liner and filled them in with a lighter color of the lip shade, which was called Bleached, and it looked absolutely amazing. I honestly thought that there was no way that color would last throughout the day, but I decided to go to the Lime Crime website to order some for myself. I’m so happy I did!


I told my friend about them and she ended up order the same Lime Crime shade as I mentioned above, which is gorgeous. I was so impressed with this product that I decided to try out their new Superfoil metallic eyeshadow as well, which I got on UrbanOutfitters.


The Lime Crime Superfoil Duos work so perfectly alongside the metallic lip shades, or even any matte color. The shimmer is great, and doesn’t look cheap like some of the off brand shimmer shadows do. The Superfoil colors are bold and don’t end up all over my face. I ended up ordering the shades Squad/Goals for a more bold look.


Lime Crime did an amazing job with these products. The quality is top notch and I will be suggesting them to all of my friends. I’m also really looking forward to discovering more of their makeup line in the future!

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