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Magnises Introduces More Features

Magnises was founded two years ago by Billy McFarland. The special platform helps members to build a comprehensive network. Using a personalized back card, the members of the private club can access special deals and events in the major cities located on the East Coast, especially in Washington DC and New York City.

Upon registration, the young professionals are given the extraordinary cards. When they flash the Magnises card, they can easily get exclusive discounts in bars, restaurants, clubs and some reserve experiences such as luxurious getaways and private concerts. Magnises’ black card from the private club can be linked to an individual’s credit card or bank for payment purposes. However, the main benefits of using the card are the exclusive perks that come with it.

In July this year, Billy McFarland told the Business Insider magazine that the club was planning to build a complete platform that would be able to connect Millennials with brand new businesses that are offline and online on inc.com. According to Billy, the institution discovered that everyone in the country carried their credit or debit card whenever they went, and that is why they decided to try it.

In the recent past, the membership of the club has gone up to twelve thousand individuals. Billy McFarland told the magazine that he was thinking of adding new benefits to attract more members of Magnises by the end of the year.

According to Billy, members of the club who are based in New York City can now access reliable co-working spaces at Alley for just ninety-nine dollars. This is the same place the institution has its corporate offices on indeed.com. The desks at this facility are rented for five hundred dollars every month. This will be a significant discount for the members. The new membership feature from the club will be known as WorkPass.

The leader of the successful venture says that the main aim of the company is to make sure that all the member’s lives’ are taken to the next level. The platform focuses on the social and professional lives of its members. Reports also say that the startup will soon be introducing ClubPass, a feature that will allow its users to pay just sixty-five dollars a month if they want guaranteed access to exclusive nightclubs found in New York City.

A third feature has also been introduced, known as HotelPass. Using this feature, the members of the club can stay at a hotel called The Dream Hotel for only seventy-nine dollars a night. The rooms in this hotel go for over two hundred and fifty dollars a night for the non- members.

Billy says that most people admire these places, but most of these people cannot go because they are too expensive. Those who go are forced to pay a lot of money. The new feature from the institution will attract more clients. The deal will also benefit the hotel brands. Most of the members of the club are young working professionals who are about twenty-one years to thirty-five years old. These professionals work in the fashion, technology, and finance industry.

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