Hometown Journey

Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves Being Both A Surgeon And A Mother

People love a doctor that they can relate to, especially one that knows what their patients are going through or have been through. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a very relatable doctor that is extremely down-to-earth and runs her business very well but is still a soft person at heart. The care she gives to her patients that come in for plastic surgery is similar care to the care that she would give to a family member, especially since she treats them very well when they are in her practice.


Dr. Walden had to move to Austin for personal reasons that had to do with her children, but she has never regretted moving home. She studied to become a surgeon, and after years of work, school, and opening her first practice in New York City, she eventually went back to Austin, Texas. The New York City practice that she opened before moving back home was a success, and with clientele constantly coming in, there was no other reason to leave except for what life brought her, which is her twin boys. Wanting her kids to have family members by their side, Dr. Walden ventured back to Texas.


Opening a practice in Texas proved to be extremely lucrative, especially since Dr. Walden has become renown as a plastic surgeon, and she has appeared on many television shows, solidifying her as the go to person for plastic surgery. Dr. Walden has an expertise in many surgeries, and her knowledge makes her someone that is highly sought after in the plastic surgery field. Dr. Walden is board certified and is even on the ASAPS board, which is an amazing feat in itself.


Since Dr. Walden has different skills that are all meant to help make anyone look more beautiful and youthful, many patients will only choose Dr. Walden as their surgeon, which means there is a long wait to get her services. Dr. Walden values her patients, and having a practice in Austin, Texas means that she can both be a mother as well as a surgeon, which are two important roles to her.

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