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Baseless Accusations

Information has recently arisen during the past few months about how Securus, an information communications corporation, is about to have several of its patents expired. This information was provided by GTL, another corporation within the industry, who suggests that a multitude of different patents that secures currently has will soon expire or have already expired This should mean that Securus products would no longer be protected by United States law, and would be open for use within different companies. After further investigation by Securus and third-party sources it would appear that these accusations were baseless and completely inaccurate. Securus still maintains valid patents on its products and services and the company should be growing stronger, not weaker as a result. Inmates seem to consider these products to be extremely useful and reliable, and many ways a lifesaver to what they are used to. By providing these services and products to the customers secure it can be considered and extremely customer-driven Corporation, and one that definitely has loyalty towards its customers.


Securus Technologies is a company that represents inmates currently residing within the American penal system. They produce products and services, such as mobile applications that provide seamless video streaming conference tools for inmates and their family members. This makes open forms of communication easier between the two parties and allows both of them to avoid long periods of time that it takes for Transit and for visitation. It is also interesting to note that security is not only represents inmates but also the security guards and enforcement Personnel that watch over them on a daily basis. By providing security services to these individuals the prison system has become a much safer place.


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