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Igor Cornelsen Gives Sound Investment Advice


Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor, with experience helping people make money over the long haul with knowledgeable investment advice. He invests in stocks, commodities and more. He advises his clients to invest in damaged stocks instead of damaged companies. In other words, he looks for stock opportunities that people can invest in at lower prices. The companies are sound; their stocks have just been hit for some reason. By purchasing shares of good companies and holding them long term, profits are easier to come by.


Igor is currently working as the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc. He worked with several firms in the Brazilian banking industry, before retiring in 2010. You can usually find him in Florida, investing as a hobby. Igor’s advice to those looking for success in investing is to take the long- term approach. If you want to get in the market for short-term speculation, he says you are more likely than not, to fail.


His best recommendation is to change the way you view the stock market. You are unlikely to make a quick buck in the markets, but if you invest with the long-term view point, in quality companies, whose stock prices have suffered short term, you are very likely to be a successful investor.


Igor advises on WordPress to make many small investments, instead of just a couple of large ones. By committing to only a couple of stocks, you are more likely to experience losses. With a diversified portfolio of a variety of different companies in a variety of different industries, you are spreading the risk and will more than likely have better returns. Look at companies that are having success already and are expected to have more in the future. Buying startups and trying to make a killing on them may work for a few, but not for most. Stick with companies that have a proven track record.


By using these recommendations for investing, you will avoid many of the pit falls that most investors experience and although it will take a while to get the results, you stand a much better chance of reaching your financial goals.  Read more about what Igor Cornelsen says about Brazil, and their investment market on Medium.  Or read his bio page on Wikidot.

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