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Video Visitation Good For Children This Holiday Season

Children all across the country will enjoy the holidays this year. They will enjoy the warmth of the inside of their homes, the company of their families and they will open gifts with a smile on their faces. There are very few other times of year that connect a family like the holiday season.


But what if you awoke on Christmas morning, ran down the stairs and discovered one of your parents was not going to be there? It would be devastating. That’s what over 2.7 million children will experience this holiday season because one of their parents will be in prison. The United States has the largest prison population in the world per capita, but we shouldn’t allow that to break up families on Christmas.


That’s why I am such a big fan of Video Visitation technology from Securus. Securus is a telecommunications company that provides digital communications services to prisons around the country. They are good at what they do. The company is an industry leader in positive reviews, carries accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and keeps an A+ customer rating from the same ratings agency.


Video visitation is simple. The family logs into their Securus account to schedule a video visit. The prison then approves the time requested. The family simply logs back into the account on Christmas to visit with their inmate. It really is as simple as that.


You can really see the benefits of this technology in this viral video. A father talks to his small son on Christmas, telling him how much he loves and misses him. His son is in the comfort of his own home. He is wearing warm pajamas and a smile on his face.


The young boy is not in some dark prison. He didn’t have to go through a scary security check. He didn’t have to sit inside of a car for hours on Christmas day to visit his father. Instead, he simply visited from the warmth of his bedroom.


The ACLU reports that losing a parent to prison is the same as losing that parent to death. This technology mitigates that negative psychological consequence of having the largest prison population on earth. I think we can all agree that children shouldn’t suffer needlessly during the holiday season. This video visitation technology should be on the wish list of every prisoner and prisoner’s family this holiday season.


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