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The Saga of Rona Borre and Her Crazy Successful Company Instant Alliance

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Access, a dynamic and very successful staffing and recruiting company located in Chicago, Il. Rona has seemingly come a long way since she graduated from the University of Arizona and then became an account executive for a large national staffing firm. She quickly established herself there by crushing every sales record the company had. She became responsible for a $30 million book of business there and then decided to initiate a staffing firm of her own.


Instant Alliance was started in Borre’s spare bedroom in her Chicago condo, where she showed up for work each day in a business suit. That shows her dedication and focus which exemplifies why she was able to create the large and successful company that exists today.  More on instantalliance.com


Instant Alliance specializes in providing key employees in the technological and finance sectors because these are the type of people needed to take a company through and past a plateau and onto more appropriate horizons. Borre brings business savvy and a sense of relational chemistry that puts everyone on the same playing field, or into a strategic alliance. A detailed study is done about what a client needs in the way of personnel, and the Borre and her highly effective account executives go out and find the best prospect.  Check on chicago.blueskyinnovation.com


The process works exceptionally well as evidenced by the tiny 1% attrition rate for new hires over the past 15 years. That is a ridiculously low number and is why so many clients line up to do business.

Follow her here https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronaborre


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