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Securus Technologies Making Prison Communication Faster and Easier

Securus Technologies has been on the forefront of developing new communication systems servicing prison facilities around the United States of America. These new communication technologies utilize Internet connections to make audio/video communication systems for prison facilities as a way to connect with the outside world of friends and family. This new form of communication has advanced the needed communications required for the rehabilitation of the inmate. Now family and friends can easily communicate with loved ones who are behind bars. This form of communication system must be able to monitor communications to prevent any escape attempts or a plan for retribution or to commit more crimes. No longer is it necessary for friends and family to travel long distances to talk with inmates. Now the expenses of traveling and staying in lodgings away from home are no longer necessary. Securus Technologies have saved countless dollars, and the agony suffered by the family having to be strip searched and humiliated by the prison experience.

For the valiant efforts of Securus Technologies, the company has been awarded the Gold StevieĀ® Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category for Sales and Customer Service. These awards represent the world’s top honors for customer service.

Our world has recently gone through a major communication revolution. Now we have many programs that allow us to communicate with friends and family around the entire world. This latest revolution has even impacted that delicate area of communication between friends and family and those who are serving time for crimes committed. The former model of prison communication unfairly placed the onus of responsibility on the friends and family of convicts. Now communications can take place more often and without the expense and travel time placed on the friends and family. More frequent communications can serve as an enticement to those behind bars. Rehabilitation may become faster and more effective thanks to the efforts of Securus Technologies.


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