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E-Governe – Integrating Advanced Technology to the Healthcare Sector

Technology is playing a pivotal role in different aspects of our lives and is helping organizations to work efficiently. The effective implementation of technology helps in saving time as well as money, and the benefits are then passed on to the end users. It is what E-Governe is doing for the Municipality of Teresina, where the health secretariat is using the modern technology to provide better services to the population. Technology is playing a crucial role in not only saving lives of the people but is also enabling smoother administration for the patients and their families. It also makes it easier for the medical staff and physicians to get access to the medical reports and data at the fingertips.

With the help of E-Governe, the municipality of Teresina can provide the people with seamless healthcare services without having to wait for a long time, queue up for long hours, or spend enormously on primary health services. Even though E-Governe is still in testing mode, plans are going to implement it on a larger scale across the country to pass on the benefits of modern technology integration in the healthcare sectors to the people. The use of E-Governe is making it easier for the medical and healthcare organizations to improve the overall efficiency of the facility. Also, the productivity of the staff members is also significantly enhanced by the use of the E-Governe system at https://jccavalcanti.wordpress.com/2007/04/01/fique-nu-e-governe-o-mundo/. The workload is greatly reduced, and the room for errors is reduced to a considerable extent as well.

The new portal launched would make it much easier for the patients and their families to connect with the higher authority who are in-charge of the health secretariat and get their grievances known and resolved. Also, if there are any problems and issues, the E-Governe system would make it much easier to get it solved much quickly than earlier. One of the most troublesome job for the patients is to schedule an appointment with the concerned doctors. However, with the E-Governe portal, things would become much easier for the people as they would be able to book an appointment as per their convenience as and when they need it directly on the portal, and from the comfort of their home or office.

It would automatically result in the elimination of long queues in the healthcare facilities. Previously, many incidents were reported where the patients’ conditions have worsened due to delayed treatment, and many have even died due to lack of proper infrastructure or system to take care of patients when needed. According to assespro.org.br, the latest E-Governe system would eradicate such issues, and make sure that the patients get the treatment they need without delay.

People can stay updated about the vaccination days with the help of E-Governe portal, and such large-scale medical initiatives can be carried out seamlessly without any errors. Individuals who have been diagnosed with health issues that need emergency care or hospitalization can now book with hospitals easily from the E-Governe portal. Most of all, the E-Governe system would help bring transparency into the system and eliminate corruption once and for all from the healthcare sector.

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