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CEO Troy McQuagge Earns CEO of the Year Honors

Troy McQuagge is a very successful businessman who leads USHEALTH Group, Inc. as its Chief Executive Officer. He considers himself very fortunate as he recently was named by One Planet Awards as the CEO of the Year. This award is global and competition to win it comes from all types of industries and sizes of companies around the world. When he won the award he thanked his staff for their hard work and said that without their daily commitment he wouldn’t have successfully won this prestigious recognition.

It was in 2010 when he first joined USHEALTH Group. He was put in charge of turning around their subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Advisors is their network of insurance agents that sell their life and healthcare insurance products across the United States. This subsidiary had been languishing for a number of years with lowered productivity and disillusioned agents. He successfully turned things around by reigniting the agent’s passion, increasing productivity, and adding a slew of innovative insurance products.

In 2014, Troy McQuagge was appointed as the CEO and President of the company which is a role he continues in today. His leadership has led to a very strong position in the market as well as profit. He and his team are committed to providing affordable life and healthcare insurance products that can be personalized in order to fit each of their client’s specific needs and learn more about Troy.

Troy McQuagge has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. After graduating with a degree in Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida, he joined Allstate Insurance Company. In 1996 he was named the President of the Agency Marketing Group at HealthMarket, a position he held until 2008. In this role, he built his strong abilities to communicate and provide effective leadership.

As a community leader, Troy is also involved in giving back to the community. He has joined a number of charitable organizations for which he has provided his funds and time as a volunteer. Among these are HopeKids Dallas, Crisis Nursey Phoenix, and HopeKids Phoenix. He dedicates himself to helping children who are facing trying circumstances in their lives and Troy on Facebook.


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