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Adam Milstein: A Great Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a prominent real estate owner with over $2 billion worth of property across the country under Hager Pacific Properties, a company whereby he’s the managing partner. On top of Milstein’s incredible and impressive track record in the real estate world, he’s also a renowned philanthropist. He’s invested very much in safeguarding the Jewish culture through various means such as encouraging Jewish people all over the world to learn Hebrew.

Adam Milstein is very outspoken, and he has gone lengths when it comes to fighting for the rights of the intimidated or the marginalized throughout the world. Through The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, many Jewish scholars have been helped with the opportunity to trace their Jewish roots and also increasing their ties back to Israel.

He has worked to establish ties between the United States and Israel through the establishment of Israel-American Council. He has also expanded the United States foreign policy regarding Jewish community at large.

Adam Milstein has also written many publications which advocate for the Jewish people to hold on to their culture. He has achieved this by explaining the importance of being Hebrew literate which goes to a great extent in strengthening their deep connections with their religious practices and beliefs.

Being a philanthropist, Adam Milstein creates a bond with his works rather than just writing a check, unlike most of the philanthropists. He engages actively in the tasks he’s doing at hand and always finds new ways and methodologies of helping out his local community and people across the world.

Adam Milstein works have earned him recognition and his name has been included in the prestigious list of the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurship Top 200. With that, he has joined a list of other renowned philanthropists across the globe such as Warren Buffet, Bill & Melinda Gates, and many others. On this list, Adam Milstein is number 187 which is based on the influence of his Facebook and Twitter accounts in the philanthropic world.

Adam Milstein’s zeal to advocate for the rights of the marginalized is also attributed to the fact that his wife had immigrated from Morocco to the United States. Therefore, she shares the experience of marginalized social groups living in the United States of America.


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