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Glen Wakeman Has Established A Career So Successful He Has Received International Recognition

Glen Wakeman’s successful career in the worlds of finance and business encompasses more than twenty years. LaunchPad Holdings was created in 2015 and Glen Wakeman is one of the founders as well as the CEO. His education began in 1981 when he attended the University of Scranton and received his BS in Economics and Finance upon his graduation. In 1993 he continued his education and attended the University of Chicago where he earned his MBA in Finance.


Glen Wakeman started what became a successful career working various positions in development and P&L for GE Capital. During his tenure at GE he founded Nova Four and received recognition from the Board of Directors as a role model for the company for his Growth Leadership role.


Glen Wakeman established himself as both an entrepreneur and a mentor over the course of his career. His contributions have revolutionized business and he currently has $15 billion in assets and well over 17,000 individuals on his staff. Glen Wakeman has been a key factor in their success and development. His life’s work includes guiding start-ups, exponential growth, divestitures, new market entry, M&A’s, and so much more. He has developed his own methodology which he has proven to be effective. The five areas he considers to be key are governance, leadership, execution, risk management, and human capital.


Glen Wakeman is also a writer and an investor and he uses blog posts to share his insights. He has posted about administration, management, strategies, emerging markets, and international fiscal matters to name but a few. His mentorship has helped C-level executives and he is the current counsel for Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Glen Wakeman has built a reputation for his insightful blogs regarding business transformation, capital raising, leadership, angel financing, and global affairs. Glen Wakeman is passionate about innovation, growth, and executive development. He has gained critical experience from living in numerous countries and handling his business operations. The skill he has applied to his executive career has brought him international recognition. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Analyst of Finance.

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