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How Lifeline Screening Maintains High Professionalism And An Excellent Performance Rate

The chief medical officer of Lifeline Screening Dr. Manganaro revealed his role in the firm and it is nothing short of having a strong hold on the organization’s direction. He manages the council of physicians who analyze all of the performed ultrasounds. He ensures that all tests meet the standardized quality and the research does an impeccable job on satisfying candidates. He works in close cooperation with the marketing team to ascertain that the clinical experiments are up to mar with the medical world.

Life Line Screening uses an algorithm that analyses the patient’s entry of various bodily tests to output a comprehensive conclusion that screens for cardiovascular illnesses. People who have gone through Lifeline’s screening have positive remarks on the extensity of the tests and some even attribute improved health to the efficiency of the system. The organization uses cutting edge devices that provide the most accurate interpretations. Dr. Manganaro revealed that they work with the University of New York, Oxford University and the University of California who source information for their various medical publications. Manganaro says he is heartened by the organization’s growth over the years and said that they work to improve experience such as with the introduction of respiratory tests.

Lifeline Screening has painless and affordable tests that cover a multitude of medical concerns. One of those is ultrasound screening employs sound waves to detect ailments such as carotid artery illnesses, ankle brachial index, bone mineral density and abdominal aortic aneurysm. The finger stick blood tests checks for issues affecting the heart and diabetes related complications. They use high grade equipment that have FDA approvals and in use by major hospitals, firms, labs and pharmaceuticals. After collecting the blood with a slight prick at the finger tip, they test for cholesterol using the lipid panel screening, perform a glucose screen, tests for levels of C-reactive protein and the levels of AST liver enzymes and ALT. The finger stick blood tests cover illnesses affecting liver and the cardiovascular system.

They test for extreme cardiovascular illnesses such as stroke by analyzing the heart rate using an electrocardiograph. Lifeline maintains high integrity during all tests and do not require a candidate to go through unnecessary steps if not applicable such as removing clothes.

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