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InnovaCare Health Adds to its Family

In its efforts to continue to serve the global community within the healthcare field, They adds key professionals to InnovaCare leadership team. Collectively, these experts have multiple decades of experience between them. And, even though these additions to the executive level of this organization total up to three, the results are projected and expected to be awesome.Actually, two of these acquisitions are seasoned in the field. Their working focus and expertise is with government programs that include the Medicaid and Medicare systems. Of course, each of these additions come with quite impressive, and in some cases extensive resumes.Jonathan Meyers joins the InnovaCare family, functioning as its Chief Actuary Officer. This position fits him well, as he has experience as the director of actuary services for Horizon BCBS.

The services under his direction, during his past service with Horizon, focus on Medicare and Medicaid. On top of that experience, his past service includes being Chief Actuary Officer for Healthcare Partners New York. So, his transition into the fold should prove seamless.As an extra added bonus to the actuary department of InnovaCare, Mike Sortino is also coming on board as a Chief Actuary Officer. His experiences do not quite mirror that of Jonathan, in the sense that his working experience includes being a controller of Samsung Fine & Marine Specialty. On his resume there 20 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance field.Staying within the general tier of power and service, in the name of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides joins the team as its Chief Administrative Officer. And, just like her other high-ranking colleagues, she has extensive experience with Medicaid and Medicare.

In fact, she has all those working chops and applicable skills in managed care. Her resume boasts the title of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare.As good as all of three of these professionals are, they do have a leader themselves that takes their talents to a higher level. That individual is Dr. Rick Shinto. InnovaCare has something special in this president and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). And, just like the other three additions to the team, his experiences gives him the credibility needed to not only perform his duties but to excel at them as well. His past service includes being President and CEO of Aveta. Knowing what he knows and getting his new hires to share what they know all but insures success for the company they work for Penelope Kokkinides.

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