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One Of The 7 Most Important Professionals In The History Of Brazilian Advertising

     Alexandre Gama was an advertising and brazilian businessman in his time. He founded a company called “Neogama” which at the time was one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Gama was the first and only Brazilian to ever be head of a global network of communication agencies, while he was the Chief Creative Officer of the British BBH.

With this being an accurate but short summary of Gama’s life, there are other things to be learned. For example, Gama’s career began in 2982 in an agency called Standart Ogilvy. It was 17 years working in different agency’s before Gama set up his own advertising agency, Neogama which would later become very successful. Gama’s life continued at Neogama and would later lead to awards for his work.

It only took 7 years before Gama would first be noticed for his work. In 2006, Gama was awarded the title of 7 most important professionals in the history of Brazilian advertising by the national advertising market. In the same year, he was elected as the Director of Agency of the Year. The awards did not stop there, and Gama continued to produce amazing things in advertising.

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