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Highland Capital Management Is Looking For People From All Backgrounds

When Highland Capital Management began over a decade ago, there were a dozen employees and a few small offices. Today, Highland Capital Management has almost 6,000 employees and an establishment the size of two football fields. Highland grows more every single day. They have plans to build another establishment in Texas, and they also have plans to hire approximately 6,000 more employees.

Highland once was only in search for people who knew investing and how to manage money. Highland is now in need of more of a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the positions Highland Capital Management needs to fill include clerks, customer service representatives, and promoters, to name a few. Some of these jobs can be done both at Highland’s establishment or in the comfort a person’s home. One area that has opened doors from tons of jobs of website development. Highland has hired an entire department to work on the development of their website.

People can visit the Highland Capital Management and fill out a job application. They will be able to pick the specific field they are interested in and even write a short essay on why Highland should hire them. However, Highland Personnel has seen a growth in the users on Indeed. This has caused the personnel department to post daily jobs on Indeed. There are at least several new jobs posted on Indeed every single day. Even better, every applicant is given a promise that Highland will look over their application.

Highland Capital Management employees have nothing but nice things to say about the company. This is especially true due to the amazing health benefits each employee receives. Employees also receive several vacation, sick, and personal days, and employees also receive a 401K that Highland contributes to on a weekly basis.

Highland Capital Management is also putting a call out for translators of all languages. Since its expansion, Highland is dealing more and more people from other countries. Translators working for Highland will receive all the benefits that traditional employees get.

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