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Chris Burch: A Creative Businessman

These days not being creative enough in the way that one runs their business can end up proving to be a liability. Once upon a time the business world seemed to move at a slower pace. Managers and executives probably had the time to be more selective about the strategies and tools that they used to run their businesses. The market has always been temperamental and subject to change but its unpredictability was probably less prevalent in the years before the technology industry picked up steam and started creating devices that it would not only sell to other businesses but to consumers themselves.

These days however the impact that the technology industry has had seems to reverberate across every industry. As technologists and the companies that they run seem to invent tools that will make the lives of consumers much easier and more connected businesses that are outside of the tech sector seem to have to rush to keep up with the changes. For instance as the movie industry in the United States struggles to fill seats technology companies such as Netflix are creating competitive TV shows such as the science fiction thriller Stranger Things that have started to command consumers’ attention the way that a summer blockbuster movie typically would. This has meant that other companies that are in the business of creating high budget films have had to be very creative and forward thinking about the ways in which they manage a business environment that shifts as quickly as the weather can. This has meant that the company Disney has chosen to eventually remove its valuable movies from Netflix and to create its own streaming service that will likely offer the iconic films that its catalogue is known for having. All of this requires the ability to be creative and to be forward thinking.

Creativity and innovation are skills that businessman Chris Burch has in droves. For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit on crunchbase.com.  Burch has been responsible for building many companies in his own right including a business selling clothes that he launched before he had finished college and an iconic clothing brand that he developed in tandem with a business partner. For more of this, hop over to bjtonline.com.

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Chris Burch’s penchant for creativity has allowed him to recognize the value of people with artistic gifts such as fashion designers and chefs who have to engage creativity in order to create unconventional but satisfying meals for consumers.  More of this creative vision and output on burchcreativecapital.com.

Chris Burch now continues to work with the venture capital firm that he launched and on his relatively new venture: a hotel in Indonesia.  Read about this new venture in Indonesia, click on businessinsider.com.

Check the diversity of his business investment, visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/

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