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Successful entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an experienced entrepreneur who have been in the career for over forty years. In this duration, he has helped over fifty businesses to grow. Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur and the owner of Burch Creative Capital. This is a company that deals with investments as well as brands development.

One of the business traits of Chris Burch that have helped him achieve great success is innovativeness. This is a trait that has also kept him relevant in the business circles. Not many business people are able to stay in the business field for a long time. His time in the business sector have seen him earn various accolades that include a position in the Forbes list of the wealthiest and influential people on the globe. He is definitely one of the most admired entrepreneurs of our time.

Chris Burch has invested in various sectors of the economy since he joined business. He has been in the fashion industry, real estate, hospitality among others. He is a naturally talented entrepreneur who started investing in business from a very tender age. While growing up, he was able to work in a construction business that was owned by his father. This is an opportunity that gave him the necessary impetus that would push him to engage in more entrepreneurial activities.  Additional article on architecturaldigest.com.

While he was studying at the university, Chris Burch together with his brother started an apparel company with only $2.000. This company majored in creating sweaters for women. By the time they sold this firm it was already worth over $60 million.  Check bjtonline.com.  This was an accomplishment attained in just a few years. The entrepreneurial skills are something that runs deep in his blood. He has loves entrepreneurship with passion. He is dedicated to seeing his business activities thrive. He says that until he has reached the level of success he dreams of, he won’t relent. He is dedicated to seeing his business empire grow bigger and bigger.  For his latest cool offering to the market, click this.

His experience of more than forty years in business has helped him acquire knowledge that he uses to advise young entrepreneurs on the path they should take when building their business empires. He has diversified his reach, by ensuring that he has investments in different fields. Apart from owning the Burch Creative Capital, he owns various luxury hotels.   Click on businessinsider.com to read about one of his luxury resort investment.  Chris Burch is also a philanthropist who supports various community initiatives such as the Sumba Foundation.

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