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Logan Stout steers IDLife to a business collaboration with Garmin International.

IDLife is a supplements company which was founded in 2014 by Logan stout. The company is the first to offer dietary supplements to fit the customer’s goals as far as health and fitness are concerned. Every person is unique in everything, and the company treats its company as such in that everyone receives customized daily nutrients. Garmin International is a company which provides wearable fitness trackers. Through the modern technology, the trackers collect data which is used to improve the lives of the owners. A good example is in sports where somebody may wear the tracker to advance in the competition. The trackers come in different devices for example watches or scales. Currently, people are working hard to become healthier and more active. Through wearing fitness tracking devices and consumption of dietary supplements, these are clear indications that people still need more as far as physical wellness is concerned.

It is through this observation that IDLife and Garmin International decided to work together. The fact that both companies share the same concept aimed at achieving good active and healthy lifestyle is what attracted their desire to collaborate. German International has over ten years been a leader in wearable fitness devices, and its powerful technology has helped many people track their fitness details. In nutritional part, IDLife has helped its customers achieve their fitness goals by providing them with unique dietary supplements which are customized according to their fitness patterns. Garmin International has a Wi-Fi enabled Index Smart Scale which helps in tracking percentage in body fat, body mass index (BMI), and body water percentage and weight.

On the other hand, IDLife has the ID Wellness mobile app which works together with Vivo fitness track wearable from German International. The Vivo wearable devices have prolonged life batteries and are water resistant. Among the information collected by the wearable tracking devices include heart functioning and is relayed to the mobile App which is later used to design which type of supplements will be administered. Many people have used these products, and it has helped them to make their lives healthier. Through Logan Stout, IDLife has offered real-world health solutions to many people and was recognized in 2016 as one of the top 100 America’s Multi-level marketing companies.

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