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Understanding the New Fabletics

Every so often, every company needs to reinvent itself to attract new customers. Usually, companies don’t reinvent themselves unless the public develops a negative opinion about the brand. Sometimes, companies change with the ever-changing tides of consumer behavior. That’s the kind of company that Fabletics is.

Recently, consumer behavior gave way to review-centric marketing strategies. As the economy became more tech-savvy, it was only a matter a time before online reviews got their time to shine. Today, over 80 percent of consumers rely on online reviews to make their final purchase. They actually trust reviews from people they’ve never met more than traditional advertising.

Not surprisingly, only the savvy companies are able to capitalize on this trend. That means that smaller, agile enterprises have a chance to outperform the larger big-name brands. That’s how Fabletics found its success. Fabletics is an activewear brand that joined the activewear market after it’d already been dominated by a horde of powerhouses.

Last year, Fabletics grew an additional 43 percent thanks to user reviews. In fact, many of the company’s executives credit its success to the crowd. One executive truly thankful for all the support is co-founder Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson’s been dreaming about starting a business like Fabletics for years. She’s always been a fashion icon in the eyes of most people. She’s also a devote health and fitness enthusiast. Her resume is full of accomplishment, not least of which is motherhood, and she knows the difficulty of staying healthy as a working mother.

That’s why she takes Fabletics so personally. She wants to use Fabletic’s fashion to inspire women to embrace more active lifestyles. She also wants every woman of all sizes to feel appreciated and noticed by fashion companies. Plus-size women are usually left out by those companies; Hudson didn’t want Fabletics to join that group.

While every company has its reason for ignoring plus sizes, Fabletics started working on plus sizes their first day. Their first plus-size line came out early this year. Now, they sell products in sizes from XXS to 3X. Hudson credits all the brilliant to her talented design team.

Her interest and knowledge of the company’s inner workings show that she actually works at the company. She goes over sales numbers every week and even works with the advertising department.

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