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Securus Technologies Brings GovPayNet into its Wings

Securus Technologies is regarded as the innovation leader in the incarceration industry for long with the acquisition of companies, technologies, investments in product developments, and more. Its latest purchase confirmed, and the GovPayNet, the leader in payment processing towards government and government organizations, is going to part of Securus. The acquisition which is announced in the early weeks of January 2018 is expected to enhance the payment services business of Securus Technologies. I have noted that GovPayNet is the leader of the debit as well as credit card payments and processing that are remitted to governmental agencies.



It is known for offering a number of services including cash bail, traffic, court fines and other charges, fees to be levied on parking and speeding issues, and tax payments such as property and real estate taxes. I am impressed by the fact that GovPayNet is covering a significantly large domain and serving 2,300 agencies in approximately 35 states in the country. It can roughly come over 26 percentage of the total counties in the United States. While coming to the transaction, Robert E. Pickens, the President and CEO of Securus Technologies, confirmed that the firm is excitedly waiting for adding GovPayNet services to its extensive portfolio of services.



He continued that GovPayNet has experience in the industry for two decades, and it built the business over three critical parameters: excellent customer approval, a wonderful team of associates, and highest quality service experience. Interestingly, these are all the attributes that make Securus valuing GovPayNet as a solution provider and innovator in the industry. Pickens also explained the plans of the firm including the collaboration and said that Securus wants to build a core competency in offering payments solutions that are linking consumers and governmental agencies. Pickens also said that the boarding of GovPayNet has helped Securus to grow its payment processing and hit 40 million annually.


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