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American Institute of Architects Commitment to Design

     The American Institute of Architects is a community of architects that are committed to making the world aware of the great quality of work, education, local support, and community rebuilding by engaging the public. The American Institute was started in 1857 by a group of architects that were very talented and desired to educate others about architecture. They wanted to make people aware of architects and the great quality of work that they put forth. The American Institute of Architects is now located in Washington, D.C. The number of members has gone from 13 to over 90,000 since their start in 1857.

The American Institute of Architects is now headed by Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy is a very talented individual that has a considerable amount of experience and knowledge of architecture. He received education from the University of South Tennessee and Tulane University, Louisiana. He has Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Architecture. He has been aware of his passion for architecture for a long time. He continues to do great design work.

Robert Ivy’s work is so great that in 2010 the American Institute of Architects named him the new Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer. He duties began on February 1, 2011. George Miller, the president of AIA in 2010, made a statement acknowledging Ivy’s work and his capability to perform his new job very well. Ivy has been a part of AIA since 1993. In 1993 he became a part of the College of Fellows. In 1996 he became the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. He is now the Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer. In addition to his positions at the American Institute of Architects, he is the leader of the editorial management team for McGraw-Hill Construction.

Robert Ivy has an enormous amount of experience in architecture. The architecture community is very excited about him stepping up. He is well known by many people at AIA. They are very confident that he has their best interest at heart. He works hard to make the issues that architects face to the world. The issues that everyone in society faces also affect the architecture community whether it be related to social, political, or the environment. Ivy is eager to let the success and issues that the architect community faces aware of everyone that believes otherwise.

The American Institute of Architect members and Robert Ivy are very optimistic relating to their future. Robert Ivy has over 20 years of relations and experience with the American Institute of Architects. He is excited to uphold the standard that the AIA has set concerning the quality and integrity of the design. Robert Ivy is overqualified for the task.

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