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Eric Lefkofsky: The Future of Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of a company called Tempus. The company started in 2015 and has quickly raised the bar when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of cancers. This company is based in Chicago and has teamed up with some of the most prolific cancer treatment companies in the United States. The goal of Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky is to figure out what makes cancer tick and figure out the best way for patients to live full and active lives.

The services that Tempus provides companies and patients are wide-ranging. Not only does Tempus provide screenings for a variety of cancers Eric Lefkofsky and his team believe that sharing information with other cancer treatment facilities provides the best chance of unlocking the key to figuring out not only one type of cancer but each and every type.

Eric Lefkofsky and his team are on the cutting-edge of new treatments and medicines to help patients live better lives. Two particular treatments that are in use now are gene editing and gene therapy. These two treatments can help alter a person’s genetic code in order to locate and treat a mutated gene in the body. This is where gene editing comes into play.

Another way that Eric Lefkofsky and his team are helping others is by assisting Stanford University in creating an algorithm to diagnose skin cancer. The algorithm helps doctors around the country diagnose a particular kind of skin cancer that the patient has and take the necessary steps in order to treat it.

A final way that Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus have come to the forefront of cancer technology is by introducing a new treatment for young patients that have been diagnosed or those that have relapsed. The medicine is called Kymirah and it was approved by the FDA for use in patients last year.

Eric Lefkofsky is single-handedly leading Tempus and the team of scientists into the future of cancer treatments and therapies. He is getting closer to putting the pieces of this the complicated puzzle of cancer together for all to share.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

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