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Paul Mampilly stock investor and former hedge fund manager

Paul Mampilly is an investor with a heart to help. His job is to help investors avoid losses while making investment decisions. As an experienced investor in the stock markets, he knows what it takes to make a correct investment decision. It is for this reason that he has found it prudent to help those who are willing to invest in the stocks but have no idea about what it takes to identify good investment stock. The choice of investment stock is just like any other business decision. You must apply the basic principles of investment for you to reap from the market in the right way.The mistake that investors make while approaching the stock markets is to think that they do not have to think deeply about the investment choice. Many investors will jump in some investments because they hear they are making good profits.

Problems arise when an investor joins the market while it is reaching its optimum price. Investors will wait for the prices to go up but it will not happen.They end up losing their money because they did not research the market before joining.Paul Mampilly has already given his opinion about cryptocurrencies. He believes those looking to invest in the digital currencies are up to a rude shock. Things are changing drastically, and if an investor does not make an informed decision, there is the probability that they will be tricked by the markets and the prices fall as they still wait for them to go up.Paul Mampilly describes this as the biggest challenge facing investors. They join a market while it’s too late. In return, they lose all their investment capital.

Before making any investment, one should ask themselves whether the stock has still some room for an increase in prices.The prices might be going up before you join but the minute you join, the prices stabilize then fall.Paul Mampilly has talked about these great investment options such as the Apple. He is warning investors to be cautious while investing in the giant mobile technology company. There are high chances that the company will not do well in coming years. Those who are investing now risk losing their capital since the stock value will be going down very soon if the company does not take drastic measures to save their market dominance which is under siege from companies such as Google and Amazon.

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