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Chris Burch: Nihiwatu Is Number One in the World

The life of successful entrepreneur Chris Burch has been an exciting journey into the rewards that can be found throughout the business world if one is determined enough to reach out for it. Burch started his career like most moguls, in the classrooms of a college gathering the business foundation he would use to eventually build his company. While at Ithaca College in New York, Burch felt a desire to make more money and push the boundaries of his own knowledge. He and his brother purchased a large number of sweaters and got to work distributing them among the student population. The brothers found that sweaters they had purchased for $10 a piece could be sold to their fellow classmates for $15. The type of product that they were offering to the students became prized and spread to other campuses. Fast forwarding a few years the Burch brothers eventually sold that company as a national brand for more than $60 million (bjtonline.com).

That story is quite the business fairytale, but it happened to Chris Burch during a time when he was really gaining an understanding of the business world. He now uses that experience to help launch him into other new and exciting endeavors (prnewswire.com). One such endeavor that he has been very passionate about in recent years has been his Indonesian resort Nihiwatu. Now, Nihiwatu is not just any resort, it is now considered the gold standard for resorts all over the world. Travel + Leisure dubbed the resort number one in the entire world just recently.

Looking at all the things that are offered in Nihiwatu, it is no wonder that they’ve achieved such a reputation. The rooms offer a breathtaking view of the Indonesian beaches and guests can enjoy an exquisitely coordinated experience that is unmatched by any of their competitors. Guests will instantly feel as though they have been transported into a different reality of joy in relaxation. There are also a plethora of resources available to guests in order to make sure that their trip is everything they had hoped it would be. Some of the activities that guests can engage in are surfing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, cultural immersion activities, and wellness retreats. Resort staff even allow guests to plan their own custom excursions out into Sumba Island, where Nihiwatu is located, so that they can see the things that they have always been dreaming of seeing. Nihiwatu is just another example of Chris Burch’s success.

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