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Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba Indonesia

Chris Burch and his wife, Tory are billionaires who recently invested in a surfing hostel on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. They turned it into a luxury villa community called Nihiwatu Resort. The villas are thatched roof teak and rattan get-aways built in traditional Sumbanese style. The beautiful natural private surroundings of the villas amongst coconut palms, overlooking the Indian Ocean are taken to a new level of luxury when you add the high quality amenities delivered by the resort’s staff (thenewsversion.com).

The Nihiwatu Resort draws the type of clientele that grace the more exclusive parts of Paris, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Milan in Italy and New York City. Millionaire guests like Pink, the Hermes Family and William Van Cutsem have flocked to the resort for the relaxation, the luxury treatment and the excellent surfing. The resort takes in a lot of money, enough to help out the otherwise impoverished Tribal community of Sumba.

Sumba is plagued by poverty, famine, and disease. Malaria is a very big problem on the island. Because, the rainy season is very short, the tribesmen cannot grow enough food to adequately feed their families. The Nihiwatu Resort contributes a large part of their profit to a foundation that devotes aid to the locals. Over the last 13 years, the foundation has helped build wells for fresh water, clinics, primary schools and reduced the instances of malaria by up to 85%.

The Sumbanese locals make up 90% of the employees at the Resort. It’s the Burch’s goal to eliminate any instances of malaria in eight years after an investment of another $5 million. It’s an uphill battle, which Chris Burch is expert at facing down and overcoming having built Nihiwatu on an island with no infrastructure. They had no electricity in the beginning. They built their own power plants and they have to grow 90% of their fruits and vegetables on the island.

Even after building everything from scratch, Nihiwatu is so beautiful, Burch invested in another property on fifteen minutes away. He intends to build another resort there. The surrounding at Nihiwatu are made beautiful by the appearance of blossoming bougainvillea, private verandas and the wild untamed grounds that give way to the vistas of the Indian Ocean. Nihiwatu’s guests feel tucked away in their private world where they can relax and partake of nature and the peace and quiet that comes with a real get-away.

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