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Chris Burch Has Created A Luxurious Paradise In Nihiwatu

The name Chris Burch is often associated with Burch Creative Capital. He is a well-known entrepreneur and has been making successful investments for almost forty years. His contributions have aided in the growth and success of numerous luxury and technology brands. Chris Burch has also been involved in real estate including developing luxury homes (architecturaldigest.com). Perhaps his most renowned venture has been the acquisition and renovation of Nihiwatu. This luxury resort is located on the exquisite Indonesian island known as Sumba.

Burch established the perfect mixture of comfort, luxury and pleasure without going over the top. The atmosphere is casual, shoes are not required, friendships are form and dreams are realized. The island of Sumba is unique with just one resort and 650,000 residents. The culture has remained traditional with thatched roofs, gorgeous ikat textiles and dowry’s. The story began when Chris Burch visited the island in 2012. The resort was once a retreat for surfers and he has transformed it into an exotic paradise.

Chris Burch had a mission to make Nihiwatu one of the best resorts the world had ever seen. He wanted the resort to operate in harmony with the Sumbanese people and the environment. He has succeeded beautifully. Surfers still come to Nihiwatu but now the resort offers so much more. Yoga is taught on the deck most every evening and morning, the equestrian program is sensational, there is a cool club for the kids and real beans have started to grow in the cocoa bean outpost.

The valley of Nihi Oka is nearby and offers a spa in breathtaking surroundings. The guests hike through the villages and rice paddies or ride a jeep and usually spend the day. The open-air bales offer treatments, lounging, breakfast and lunch. Many guests remain overnight in a lovely air-conditioned villa designed for comfort. Chris Burch designed the resort with a small footprint, a lot of luxury and ensured Sumba retains the charm of the community.

The 32 villas are serviced by a staff of 400. They are caring, thoughtful and curious about the lives of the guests. Most of the staff are natives to the island with a notable exception. Ben McRae is an Australian chef preparing exquisite meals from the local produce and fish. The guests delight in the food to the sounds of crashing waves and amazing views of the seas and stars. The experience is completed by the infinity pool, guided hikes, visits to the village and treks to the waterfalls.

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