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PSI Pay offers playful ways to pay.

I love to look at rings. Rings are fun and they can even be considered sophisticated. I like to wear different color rings when I’m wearing different outfits. I have never thought about wearing a ring to pay for my purchases. I believe these two companies have proved that capitalism and thoughtfulness can be a marriage engineered to last. I am so grateful for Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay they have used their imaginations to go way beyond our perception of jewelry and practicality. They have extended themselves to improve our lives in general to make everyday nuances a little easier for us

Kerv Wearables was founded by Phil Campbell and was recognized as a company based out of the United Kingdom. PSI-Pay is a company based out of Finland that provides alternative methods for financial administration and management. Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay originally produced limited quantities of these amazing rings for four months during 2016. Now the rings are considerably main streamed and are available practically everywhere. There are fourteen different color schemes to choose from. This means that you can order a different color ring for various outfits. The rings are super durable too! Kerv Wearables used cutting edge technology and zirconia ceramic to construct the rings. This material has been tested for durability. It’s waterproof material is designed to resist scratching and breakage. The ring’s smooth outer surface is harder than titanium, silver or steel.

Phil Davies is currently the facilitating Director of PSI-Pay Limited. Phil spent eight years working with MasterCard Worldwide as the company’s Vice President of Business Development before moving to PSI pay. His responsibility was also to work with new technology, collaborate with companies and individuals to increase growth in new markets throughout Europe.

Phil Davies is very well-rounded with a plethora of knowledge about various Financial payment cultures as they relate to various societies. Phil has voiced his observations about the utilization of the American wallet or electronic commerce that is prevalent in the United States. He indicates that the American Wallet does have differences compared to the European Wallet. For example: it has the ability to offer overdraft with E- Currency. He also mentions that there are quite a few companies that sell the technology.

Phil Davies also states that the wallet or electronic commerce in Europe has to cater to many different cultures therefore he is indicating that it is a bit more diverse. Both the American and European Wallets incorporate a stored value element. Another difference that Phil noted was that the European wallet includes multi-currency capability. Also E-Money or E-Commerce accounts are not allowed to offer credit so no overdrafting is possible.

Phil Davies was making a comparison about electronic cards that are assigned for your bank account which allows you the ability to overdraw versus the other card accounts or wallets that are simply the consumer paying for electronic funds. Phil Davies would like more people to be aware that there are differences between Wallets and Digital Accounts.

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