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Sean Penn’s acclaimed Book Release, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has had extensive exposure in acting in various theater occasions and film production projects. He is a talented writer, producer, and key director besides others in the Best Actor Academy Awards. His work has been published capturing various pieces. Sean has been interviewed on various platforms and various contents. From acting, Sean Penn enters into the world of establishing himself a novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The novel captures a septic tank sales person and a contract killer hence drawing comparisons to the satirists on the yore. This current production from Sean is provoking one not to give up on some day jobs.


In an interview, Sean Penn says that he is currently in Los Angeles, California. For Sean, it is all a brand new experience and a great feeling to have a book under his work compared to the normal film work he has been into for many times. He is proud of the work and reveals that it is a good thing to work in collaboration with other people in the industry. For Sean, writing a book instead of a screenplay is the main reason why he would have wanted to own the work entirely by himself or the need to tell out something through the story. Sean Penn says that it was time for him to disclose that he was not enjoying well playing with others and that kept bothering his mind. He was in search of freedom in creativity and finances. Sean was at the point in life and career where he had been fed up with the burdens of peoples’ personalities and the expectations. Included is a summary of Bob Honey who just do stuff. With writing and publishing a book on your own, it means only working with the publisher and determinant factors of having the work done is between the two of you. Sean Penn says that apart from this release, there are many more others that are being manufactured and will be released into the market. Sean revealed that he does not intend to work on a movie project as at now, but he is currently directing a movie though it is still under considerations. He does not have interests to make films because he wants his time to be focused on writing books, which means it may require his creative energy and thinking.

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