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Chris Burch on Bringing New Companies to the Market

Chris Burch uses his entrepreneurial instincts to select new ventures to back with his extensive resources for fully meeting the needs new markets. With his help more than 50 companies have gotten off to a great start. His track record exposes examples of his firm understanding of consumer behavior, his ability to find impactful ventures and his international and direct sourcing know-how.

Chris Burch, the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital has helped bring to market brands like Ellen DeGeneres’ clothing and accessories, Cocoon9’s prefab homes, Nihiwatu Resorts in Indonesia and Poppin office design and office furniture. Chris Burch has a knack for bringing disruptive brands directly to the consumer and creating a lasting impact on their lives.

Burch Creative Capital is presently supporting a number of brands that have positively changed the markets they have entered. They have entered the food, apparel, hospitality, home furnishing, technology, organic and retail industries. Many are recognizable names such as Tory Burch, Chris Burch’s wife’s handbags and shoes; Soludos shoes; Chubbies, casual menswear; BaubleBar jewelry; Brad’s Raw Foods, dehydrated raw vegetables, seeds and spices; Blink Health, prescription drugs; and Little Duck Organics’ gummies (entrepreneur.com).

Burch Creative Capital has invested in many brands which have gained notoriety, including Voss Water; Jawbone, the creators of Up, the health app; and the Faena Hotel + Universe, the luxury hotel in Miami Beach and Buenos Aires. These projects, as with the others he has helped bring to market all began as startups. All startups struggle with the perfect blend of time spent on creativity versus hours spent on productivity. Burch believes the right mix of the two is actually a marriage between them.

Burch believes companies should have creative brainstorming sessions where everyone has a blank piece of paper and a pen before them. Their task is to jot down their ideas or notes and sketch any images that come to mind. At the end of that reasonably timed session, they should compile the ideas that are generated and start to produce the ideas that make the most beneficial ideas for the company. For more of Burch views, click medium.com.

The ideas and notes could lead to a company motto or a promotional campaign. By budgeting company time for both creativity and production, each activity is prized and appreciated by the team. Most importantly, Chris Burch sees these activities as definitely the most important blend of elements thrusting the company forward in the market.

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