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Owner Chris Burch’s Island Resort

Finding the right vacation spot is necessary in order for you to relax and unwind from your daily work routine. Getting to your destination, you will want to have all of the needed amenities in order for you to do so. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who knows how to put together vacation plans for any visitor.

Years ago, Chris came upon an island located in the Indian Ocean that housed a small hotel. This island and hotel for the most part was a mecca for surfers. The island is protected from the ocean by several reefs which make the waves higher in this area. The coastline has beautiful white sandy beaches and is always filled with tourists. The hotel was small and intimate and Chris knew that it had the potential to become much more than it was.

The owner at the time needed help with financing possible expansion of the hotel and Chris, along with a friend who was experienced in hotels, visited the island to see if they could help. Chris worked out a deal with the owner and bought the hotel outright. His plan was to expand it and bring more visitors to it for luxury vacations.

Every time he would get to the island, he would put his plan into action and have more and more villas built. He then included many amenities to go along with them and a fine dining restaurant. The restaurant featured many of the local native dishes. He employed the top cooks on the island to work there.

Today, the Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba is known as the best vacation spot in the world (businessinsideer.com). It was voted number one by a travel magazine. Plans continue to be made to increase its potential and Chris is constantly working on new ways to make it work.

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